March 2004

found photo

yesterday – another photo from the middle of hyde park. will add to davescollection in due course.


don’t go to the building on the right of big ben unless you want your bag to fall off the security conveyorbelt.
DSC01740.jpg DSC01735.jpg

rugby in a pub

i think this might be slightly ambitious. a small pub in london is proposing to host all the rugby games.
i don’t know much about sport, but i do know that rugby platers are quite large, and just fitting them in this little bar would be hard enough, let alone letting them run around and bash in to each other.
perhaps it’s got a large cellar bar.
i suspect the landlord might be even more deluded if he/she thinks they can avoid serving the players beer by enforcing this policy:
i suspect there may be a lot of dissapointed people in this pub. both on and off the pitch.




i walked past this shop earlier in the week and it was full of jacket potatoes. i should have taken a photo but i didn’t. but today the sign shows bacon and sausages where once the potatoes were.
very interesting.


a biker boot on a metal square


a sofa but no scaletrics track this time.

lost cat

here is a sad story. someone has lost their cat. we lost one of our cats when esther was little and we had to put signs up all over the village and it was very sad. it never showed up our other cat died a few weeks later. now we are catless. oops. that was a sad story.
anyway, esther has a Richard Scary book about a girl’s baby doll getting accidentally baked in to some bread. the bread then says “mama” and they find it unharmed
when the baker mews, i suspect the cat may have gone the same way.

page 75 and 93

i was delighted to spot two more pages from the Paddington Station sign book this morning.
Interestingly there was another page behind page number 93, but the paper was just to thick to read its number and message.
DSC01682.jpg DSC01683.jpg
DSC01682number.jpg DSC01683number.jpg

mouse out of its box

here is a little message left in our church hall. it says “there is a mouse eating biscuits not in a box”.
i suspect we can interpret this message in different ways.

another unknown celebrity

i haven’t a clue who this celebrity is. and i suspect you won’t either (even Tim who seems to know all the celebrities). you can be forgiven for your ignorance which is due in a large part to my poor photography.
i need a camera with a bigger zoom and more pixels. If you are reading this Mr Christmas then please put that on my Xmas list.
this filming involved fake snow which was blowing all over the place and causing the presenter (seen here with white boots on) to get plastic snow in her eyes and to eventually storm off). i got some snow on me. it was plastic.
DSC01672.jpg DSC01673.jpg
DSC01674.jpg DSC01675.jpg

who is this ?

i walked past this chap earlier and realised he was being filmed. i had ruined it by walking past him. oops. but it did give me a chance to go to the other side of road and take these photos.
who is he ? i vaguely recognised him.
DSC01669.jpg DSC01670.jpg
here is his head:

fancy building

i’ll return to this building on a sunny day for some better photos. i like how they have hidden their airconditioning.
DSC01666.jpg DSC01667.jpg


is this result of a corporate makeover for the Catholic Church ? Management speak has converted congregation confessional boxes in to ‘client admission centres’.