another unknown celebrity

i haven’t a clue who this celebrity is. and i suspect you won’t either (even Tim who seems to know all the celebrities). you can be forgiven for your ignorance which is due in a large part to my poor photography.
i need a camera with a bigger zoom and more pixels. If you are reading this Mr Christmas then please put that on my Xmas list.
this filming involved fake snow which was blowing all over the place and causing the presenter (seen here with white boots on) to get plastic snow in her eyes and to eventually storm off). i got some snow on me. it was plastic.
DSC01672.jpg DSC01673.jpg
DSC01674.jpg DSC01675.jpg

1 thought on “another unknown celebrity”

  1. Tim's dad's Pete's son Tim

    Possibly Fearne Cotton, presenter of TOTP Saturday. Tho I don’t watch it much because I despair of the state of pop music these days. You see, back in my day…..

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