who is this ?

i walked past this chap earlier and realised he was being filmed. i had ruined it by walking past him. oops. but it did give me a chance to go to the other side of road and take these photos.
who is he ? i vaguely recognised him.
DSC01669.jpg DSC01670.jpg
here is his head:

5 thoughts on “who is this ?”

  1. Tim's dad's Pete's son Tim

    He was in a sketch show with Tim Vine. Can’t remember his name. I will investigate, tho…..

  2. i was going to say he looked like the lead singer of “midnight oil” … but you already got your answer. oh well.

  3. I actually had a chat with Jim in Jongleurs the other week. A nice chap, apparently working on some British independant films. And the next Harry Potter of course…

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