lost cat

here is a sad story. someone has lost their cat. we lost one of our cats when esther was little and we had to put signs up all over the village and it was very sad. it never showed up our other cat died a few weeks later. now we are catless. oops. that was a sad story.
anyway, esther has a Richard Scary book about a girl’s baby doll getting accidentally baked in to some bread. the bread then says “mama” and they find it unharmed
when the baker mews, i suspect the cat may have gone the same way.

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  1. “…we had to put signs up all over the village…”
    You lived in [name of place] – that’s not a village!

  2. i’m trying to paint a picture of nice quaint english life where the worst thing that can happen is your cat gets lost.
    and you just went and spoiled it.
    well, i hope you can live with yourself.

  3. I think I can live with it as I stroll down the lane of the hamlet where I live to the local shop (ASDA) then cycle down to the babbling brook to where I work (M4 J12) and look out of the window and here the birds singing sweetly in the trees while watching children play with gy(insert ‘a’ before y) abandon in the corn fields….

  4. You know that cats like to sit on or under warm cars? Well my neighbour’s cat used to like sitting under their car and one day (that must have been particularly cold), he decided to crawl up into the space beneath the bonnet to try and get as close as possible to the nice warm engine. Then my neighbour drove to work (quite a few miles away) with the cat still wedged in under the bonnet. When the neighbour returned home he became worried that the cat wasn’t there as usual waiting to be fed. A few days went by and we all thought that the cat must have got lost or run over somewhere…then he saw his cat sulking around the carpark where he works!! He figured out how the cat had got there when he noticed all the fluff under the bonnet of his car! Just in case you’re wondering, the cat was (miraculously) ok, just very hungry and sorry for itself. After that the neighbour checked under the car everyday just in case!!

  5. Ok, another cat story…
    My inlaws old cat (now departed) used to like travelling in strangers cars. One day it got losts for weeks and when it was eventually found it only had three legs. It was then called OddPod.

  6. Mother one went to grab one of the cats when we where young and she managed to grab it as it ran off. The only thing is that she got a grip of the back end. This would have been fine if she was not tring to grab the cat to take it to the vet as it was ill. Yes the cat backfired in her face and down her jumper.

  7. this has nothing to do with cats.
    i love richard scary. my favourite character is wormy. my roommate has never seen a richard scary book, but she’s american, so that explains it. the americans don’t have all the good stuff and the stuff that is essential to childhood.

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