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Monthly Archives: March 2004

there seems to be a new fitness craze in london. it involves ‘running’ with giant steps, but the object of the exercise is to go as slow as you can with the biggest steps as possible !
these people looked like clowns trying to run through treakle on the moon. i wanted to go closer and see if they were talking really slowly to each other like a slowed down vide tape.
instead i hid in the trees and stalked a photo.

it’s very popular to put people in glass boxes in london. here are the latest ones.
they are actors in a bullet proof box in Trafalgar Square. they are reading all the year numbers spanning a million years or something. it’s very good.
i didn’t have time to stop and watch it all (it runs 24 hours until friday i think).
if i find a link i’ll post it for you.

as i mentioned earlier, i went to see the Passion of The Christ last night. I didn’t think it was much good actually. but that’s my opinion.
the music in the cinema was funky, the seats were comfy and the refreshments were plentyful. there was an advert for ‘paradise poker’ before the film which was a nice touch
here’s me with my flagon of coke giving a nice ‘post passion’ wave:
but what did i really think ? here’s my review for those who like to read words:

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i saw the passion of the christ this evening.
i felt sick about 20 minutes in to it and haven’t stopped feeling sick since. mostly because i had a gallon of coke and loads of chocolates.
i’ll do a proper review tomorrow (posted here) when i’ve thought about it a bit more. it’s not a pretty film but you knew that already.

i love email. and blogs. and life really.
here are some gloves from america. Those travelling from the south of england should turn left on the way up to scotland and keep going. don’t be sidetracked by the funny-speaking people on the way – you will meet lots of funny-speaking people when you get there.
when you do get there, go to a place called Phoenix Arizona, and ask for Jason of what’s THAT about
he found these gloves whilst out cycling. you can see his tyre on the left
glove-1.jpg glove-2.jpg
he writes “I’ve been putting together a collection of ‘shoes’ in the road always amazes me that there will be one lonely abandoned shoe in the middle of the road and I wonder how it got there.. I wrote a haiku about it. it’s on my site.”
go find.

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