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Monthly Archives: June 2005

i’ve decided to start a new category which i hope you’ll all enjoy. i don’t normally ‘big-up’ a new category, but i’m hoping this will be a good one.
it’s Hassocks. you know. those church kneeler things.
the best ones are those made by members of the church congregation (some of whom may be reading this so i need to be careful).
Hassocks combine many of my favourite things:
* resting/kneeling down (though i’d rather sit to be honest)
* 1980s computer graphics
* tenuous religious links
* home-made crafting (cross stitch and needlepoint)
* church building interiors
* chocolate
he’s our first one, which has a dog on it. dog is an anagram of odg and ogd, but also God. which is why i assume it’s on a Hassock.
great stuff.

i’ve got about 300 photos back logged ready for blogging sometime, but i should have a bit more timely with this, which is kezia’s drawing for me for father’s day last sunday.
i’m on the left and she’s on the right. apparently she drew our heads then panicked as she didn’t know how to draw bodies !
i just love how kids photos can be so expressive.

jane’s been taking pictures of people we know in a fancy wig and sun glasses for a guess-who photo quiz. it proved very tricky despite most of the subjects being familiar to us.
i may post a few of the pictures as some of them are quite amusing.
here’s matthew who is holding his wiggy photo. doesn’t he look pleased (in both pictures) ?

[worth clicking if you want to see the smaller picture bigger]

here are two people who you’ll know but won’t. thanks to the power of the internet you’ll have read Alan (on the left) and Rascle’s comments (on the right) on funkypancake.
Alan is the nature expert and Rascle excells in the bad pun. Both excellent chaps.
well done. hoorah.

kezia and i stumbled across the reading waterfest. it was jolly good fun with lots of canal paraphenalia. Kez and i went on a canal boat ride which unfortunately crashed in to a bridge ! (luckily it didn’t break anything or anyone and we carried on our way).

the finale of the festival was the duck race where loads of plastic ducks were set lose to float down the canal (think about that for a moment). once the excitement was over and the winner was anounced people went home. we stayed to watch this little boat catch the remaining plastic ducks.

i took the day off today so we could go to Marwell Zoo as a family day out. we had a good day despite the 2 massive thunderstorms.
on the first one we sheltered in the giraffe house and the second one we were near the rhinos.
animals in a storm are always interesting. unfortunately it was all a bit too gloomy to get a decent picture. so you can have this one of some chairs instead.

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