introducing … hassocks

i’ve decided to start a new category which i hope you’ll all enjoy. i don’t normally ‘big-up’ a new category, but i’m hoping this will be a good one.
it’s Hassocks. you know. those church kneeler things.
the best ones are those made by members of the church congregation (some of whom may be reading this so i need to be careful).
Hassocks combine many of my favourite things:
* resting/kneeling down (though i’d rather sit to be honest)
* 1980s computer graphics
* tenuous religious links
* home-made crafting (cross stitch and needlepoint)
* church building interiors
* chocolate
he’s our first one, which has a dog on it. dog is an anagram of odg and ogd, but also God. which is why i assume it’s on a Hassock.
great stuff.