June 2005

open plan drawers

what a good idea. rather than having drawers all stuck away in a pile, lay them out on the ground so you can see what’s in them !
that’ll save loads of time in the morning looking for that illusive pair of socks

self portrait in a street mirror

here’s a low down self portrait in a street mirror.
i’m a little ashamed to be caught wearing beige slacks and trainers ! whatever happened to my combat trousers and doc martens you ask ? well, i’m wearing them today, so not much !

two gemmas

kezia seems to be spending more of her time as her alter-ego ‘gemma the dog’. she’ll often refuse to talk and simply say ‘woof’ instead. she even wakes up at night in character.
last night we went for tea at our friends’ house where kezia played with the real dog Gemma upon which she bases her other persona.

go pink green

you asked me to investigate this car which i spotted a few days back. so that’s what i did.
here’s another photo. it turns out it’s an electric car.

buy one or get more info at www.goingreen.co.uk

hazy bollards

here’s a hazy bollard picture i made for you and your desktop. do the click thing to get a big version.

Berkley Dog Sign

here is a dog sign from the recently remotivated Dan. He says:

Found this near Berkeley yesterday on a USA non-bank holiday. Note the rare head-on profile, not the side profile usually found on these signs. And those ears! And the disembodied hand! Hope you enjoy it!

it looks a bit like someone is trying to hit it with a fly swat.


we’re definitely moving in to summer gloves. rubber gloves are increasingly popular with people doing things with chemicals, like painting, staining and things with bunsen burners.

bitter exit

i love the understated anger in this sign.