June 2005


what happened to all these animals :

temporary as in “it died but we’ll get a new one” ?

or temporary as in “it got away, but we hope to catch it soon”

i liked this one best. it’s like the old “this page deliberately left blank” thing in a printed report.

generic mouselike creature

zzos always have loads of little animals which look a bit like mice but aren’t. he’s a classic example. no idea what it is.

not the bogey man

i overheard someone say to their frightened (and if i’m honest frightening) child “how many times do i have to tell you, that is NOT the bogeyman, it’s Humpty Dumpty”.

ugly ponies

the sign said one thing:

but we’ve all seen the invisble man. we know their heads have actually disappeared

modern zoos

in my day you were lucky with a guidebook. these days you can hire a PDA whilst you wander round the zoo so you look like a business man on his day off.

i was tempted from a technology point of view to hire one, but then i noticed you needed to leave a £300 deposit !!!

you brute !

how do you deal with hooligans and other brutes ? if you are in a train station you have them dragged away by tractor.
but even tractors have limits.

princely reporting

prince william graduated yesterday in scotland. so this journalist did a report outside buckingham palace.
he could have stood outside a newsagents shop with all the prince william post cards. but he didn’t.

preparing the New Order

Hyde Park in london seems to be a very popular place for bands to perform. unfortunately it makes walking through the park a pain as you have to go round the massive cordoned off area.
here is where New Order will play on friday night. you can just see the stage over the barriers.
and there’s some lost people pointing as well to add the amusement.

love is everywhere

swan necks reflecting as hearts

bicycle chain as heart



what kind of grub is this ?

vin sent me this pile of photos of grubs asking if i could help him identify them. he knew i wouldn’t have a clue but wondered if you did.
He writes:

I wonder if you’d be kind enough to post these pics of a tiny grub I
found today in the hope that some knowledgeable reader can identify
it. I’ve had no luck so far on Google.

It was in this kind of discus-shaped sac-thing, just lying in a
flower -bed. It measured a quarter of an inch (6mm) across, and when
the grub wriggled (more like a convulsive jerk), the whole thing
moved. When I first saw the movement in the dirt, I had assumed an
ant was tugging at a leaf disc (as they do), but it wasn’t really
going anywhere, just turning around and jerking about. Thanks Vin