January 2009

bt tower


i was lucky enough to have another meeting in BT Tower yesterday including a nice trip up to the top.  i’ll post some views of london when i feel a bit better (cronky flu-head at the moment – not real flu though)

a selection of doorbells


hoorah for random doorbells.  nothing sums up the mix of people within these flats better than their different approaches to doorbells.  brilliant stuff

3 up


lots of salt and vinegar crisps


i love abandoned trollies. mostly i find them outside supermarkets, but this one was a good one inside tescos.  it contains mostly single bags of salt and vinegar crisps (chips for you new world-ists).  plus an odd alien and some cakes.

the new dyson ?


this new dyson model looks more like a dustbin than the older ones, but i guess that’s part of the circulation vortex.  still got the classic sweeping attachment hose thingy though.

the ones that no one likes


this sweet container has been at work for weeks.  seems no one likes these particular coloured ones (although i note there are a couple of rogue yellow ones left)

slow portrait 7 – brad

this slow portrait is brad.  he’s an actor, so is good at this kind of thing.  it was a it weird though as although i’ve ‘known’ him for years through the blog this was the first time we’d met in real life when he was over for work.  we chatted like old chums for an hour then i sprung this on him.  and we both had to sit still not talking to each other for 4 minutes. 

brad said afterwards he’d done three quite small, but deliberate things during his 4 minutes.  can you work out what they are ?  (i’m not sure whether the quality of the video shows them up or not – you’ll have to see for yourself!)

out of the cold


our local supermarket had some serious refrigeration difficulties resulting in a lot of empty shelves


quality parking


quality parking signage.  would you trust them with your car ?


i do like the way they’ve saved a letter in the word car park top right.  it’s that sort of frugalness which will get them through this time of financial worryment

pretty (but dead) bird


this bird had dropped out of a tree and was lying on the ground quite stiff.  but still looking very beautiful.  i resisted the urge to wear it as a brooch and just took a photo instead.


dick turpin


we did a few geocaches in Sonning yesterday.  one revealed that Dick Turpin’s Aunt lived in this house, and back in its day it had a secret underground horse stable for black bess to pop down in to whilst mr turpin popped in the front door, and later escaped out the backdoor, across the thames bridge and lie low in Oxfordshire.


i never knew that.  you can read more about his exploits here

all that remains of the brownies


i’m pleased to say esther is taking after her mum and is cooking up some fantastic foods.  like these brownies