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i had an email from anna (you know, anna, from west virginia) telling me she’d just googled for ‘funky pancake’ and found this site.  she googled for funky pancake as that’s what she’s named her part border collie, part gold retriever puppy who is just five and half months old !

she kindly sent me a picture (of funky pancake rather than anna i assume – unless she’s a particularly net-savvy pup)

so there we are.  however, for future reference, when i refer to Mrs funkypancake i’m referring to my wife rather than this cute looking pup who lives a few thousand miles west of here !

(thanks to anna for letting me post a piccy)


we went geocaching in arborfield a couple of days ago and saw these fantastically wordy signs.   Toxicara canis anyone ?  made me stop and look


and nice to see a sign suggesting you use your common sense (although they make sure you know what that is by giving a long list below)


and there may be a thin line between playing and practising golf, so they’ve got both options covered.  good for them.



i’ll not make comments about how society has moved from greedy to needy, but 2009 looks like another exciting year.  hopefully somewhere amongst the financial carnage we can all gain a wider perspective on the fragility of life and what on earth we’re all doing here


kezia’s thought of some new year’s solutions (as she calls them).  solutions sound much better than resolutions !  i’ve got a few of my own but won’t bore you by sharing as funkypancake isn’t that kind of blog.  Although at some point i aim to make commenting on the blog easier !

anyway, i wish you and yours a very happy 2009 and thanks for all your visiting and your numerous fantastical comments.  take care mateys !

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