wordy signage of arborfield


we went geocaching in arborfield a couple of days ago and saw these fantastically wordy signs.   Toxicara canis anyone ?  made me stop and look


and nice to see a sign suggesting you use your common sense (although they make sure you know what that is by giving a long list below)


and there may be a thin line between playing and practising golf, so they’ve got both options covered.  good for them.


2 thoughts on “wordy signage of arborfield”

  1. I love wordy signs. Particularly when they take a long time to let you know the meaning of the point, or the thoughts that went behind the creation of the wording contained therein. In the future, I will keep myself alert, or non-nonobservant, as to be always aware of the instances in which long, wordy, and lengthily charactered signs can be found in the area in which I am currently musing and/or thinking.

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