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slow portrait 7 – brad

this slow portrait is brad.  he’s an actor, so is good at this kind of thing.  it was a it weird though as although i’ve ‘known’ him for years through the blog this was the first time we’d met in real life when he was over for work.  we chatted like old chums for an hour then i sprung this on him.  and we both had to sit still not talking to each other for 4 minutes. 

brad said afterwards he’d done three quite small, but deliberate things during his 4 minutes.  can you work out what they are ?  (i’m not sure whether the quality of the video shows them up or not – you’ll have to see for yourself!)

3 thoughts on “slow portrait 7 – brad”

  1. Lucky Brad: No back chat to make him laugh!
    He looked down his nose; He raised his eyebrow.
    There was also some finger movement early on, but I dont think that was meant to be the third.

  2. The third was intended to be flaring my nostrils, but sometime during the process of not moving I think my nose muscles atrophied, and so the movement which I intended to be quite subtle felt quite jarring at the time and I stopped doing it. There is a “flickr” which I suppose will pass for said flair somewhere toward the end of the portrait.
    Now, I would be remiss if I didn’t bring up the fact that this portrait was indeed 4 minutes and 2 seconds. It is important to note that due to the fact that our contract clearly stipulates that it was to be exactly 4:00 and therefore I have no other option to than to claim my free camera. Any camera will do as long as it is Leica M8.
    In other news, I have been getting about 5 emails a day from Nigerians offering me millions of dollars, so perhaps I’ll just buy myself a camera.
    In other news, my testing of the text limitation of the comment box on Funkypancake continues to go well, and there seems to be no end in sight to the amount of text that can be generated and placed in this box. I think this is a testimonial to the quality website that is Funkpancake.

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