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all that remains of the brownies


i’m pleased to say esther is taking after her mum and is cooking up some fantastic foods.  like these brownies


2 thoughts on “all that remains of the brownies”

  1. Do you mean FP that you have been fooling us for the last 4(?) years, about the chocolate. That looks distinctly like chocolate Brownie.

  2. good point. not quite 4 years, but here’s the facts:
    i had rather a large chocolate problem, so about a year ago i decided to stop eating / drinking anything to do with chocolate which i did (despite it being a nightmare)
    around november last year i started re-introducing non-chocolate bar chocolate eg pain au chocolate and selected desserts. i think i fessed up on the blog somewhere, and certainly on my twitter feed.
    since then i’ve had 2 kit-kats, which proved the chocolate bar obsession/addiction is at bay.
    but i know i need to watch out and still draw the line at buying myself chocolate bars when out and about, and we don’t keep bars of chocolate in the fridge anymore.
    and my mum even bought me a cadbury’s chocolate selection box for christmas (i think she’d forgotten i’d kicked the habit). anyway, i managed to make the three choccy bars last a week, so that was a result !

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