January 2009

glove and anti-glove


here is a glove outside tesco and the location where the glove had been (which had soaked up the rain).  yes.  glove.  antiglove.


slow portrait 6 – julia

This time it’s the lovely julia.  my camera was a bit confused by the bright background, so the quality (of filming) is not up to the usual ‘high’ quality!

don’t forget to watch for the full 4 minutes to appreciate the slowness of a proper slow portrait. 

why not make yourself a hot drink to supp on whilst watching. let me know what drinks work best

very posh dinner


you can tell how posh this was by the way they balanced my bacon on the mash


photoshop junk


a photo shop (snappy snaps i think) has closed down this branch and was dumping lots of interesting stuff in to a skip.  you can see a chap with a box coming out of the shop looking at me a bit suspiciously. 

i liked the look of the manual cashcard doer and nearly took it with me along with those coin bags and the photo tree above.  actually, i should have taken that photo tree.  oh well.




i can see this fantastic advert for homebase out my office window. 


here are some shot from underneath it


playing or practising golf


i like how they’ve made it clear it’s playing or practising golf which is outlawed.  just so you can’t claim you were playing when you were practising and vice versa to avoid the rule



looks like it should be warming up a bit this week, but here’s a chilly picture anyway.

a pig


a number of interesting things happened on our holiday last summer.  this pig walking by the window was one of them