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photography is mostly about light, which is why websites like this are so brilliant.  esther and kezia shouted me to come urgently with my camera yesterday morning as their toys were being lit by a thin slither of light which was coming through the living room curtains and illuminating a piece of string holding a toy balloon.  fantastic stuff which of course completely confused my camera.


i had the day off yesterday so jane and i attempted to find lots of geoaches (but we got lost and couldn’t find any so we went back to the car then managed to find two we’d previously not been able to find.  humph).  anyway, we popped in to an art studio which we passed in the car and found it had been temporarily converted in to a make up studio for some TV program.  which involves crows and people holding kids it seems


this is in a window in a charity shop near Farringdon Station in london.  it was presented to david f weinham in reocgnition of achieved sales in austria of 25,000 units of the single des’ree “life”. austria 1998.

it was fifty pounds if you’re interested.

and i’d like to take this opportunity to say a public thanks to all austria unit shifters.      thanks.


this sign has a brilliant phrase (in brackets) “no food use enquiries”.

perhaps they are plagued with people phoning them to ask if Eggs make good hats, or whether you can stand on a potato to reach a lightbulb, or if you can use custard to artex ceilings, or if it’s appropriate to threaten a policeman with a runner bean.

what food use would you enquire about ? 


yesterday was our church picnic which was a nice relaxing afternoon after the intensive brain-melt of interesting2008. 


our church friends really are our family and it’s great to just spend
time sitting around chatting (whilst others swam and swung (from trees
and at balls with bats))

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