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Monthly Archives: June 2008


we went to TGI Friday’s yesterday to celebrate the end of jane’s marking, the completion of my first assignment, kezia’s tooth falling out, and esther just being esther.


jane and i shared a chocolate brownie pudding, marking the first time in over 6 month’s i’ve eaten chocolate.  to be honest it mostly tasted of ice-cream, and my ‘problem’ is with cold chocolate bars rather than warm cakey chocolate so i’m not overly concerned about slipping back in to old habits.

it was quite interesting though and i actually felt quite nervous before eating it !  you’ll notice the third spoon which was esther’s contribution

still and moving
01 still.jpg

02 moving.jpg

black and white
03 black.jpg
04 white square.jpg

large and small 
 05 large.jpg 
06 small.jpg

diagonal and straight

07 diagonal.jpg
08 rounded.jpg

sweet and sour
09 sweet.jpg 
10 sour.jpg

high and low
11 high.jpg
12 low.jpg

straight and curved
13 straight.jpg
14 curved.jpg

continous and intermittent
15 continuous.jpg

16 intermittent.jpg  

hard and soft
17 hard.jpg
18 soft.jpg

diagonal and rounded in one
19 diagonal and rounded.jpg

these are the images i sent in for my first assignment for my open college of arts course.

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