October 2007

danger – no fishing


you’re bound to notice the blog is falling apart at present as we precariously balance between two versions of the blogging software (funkypancake was designed for the old version and i’m having some real problems adapting it for the new version).

if you are a CSS guru and can make this page look like this one, then please let me know !  (and sorry the comments and various archives aren’t working properly.  please bare with me).  that was a deliberately spelling mistook.

once again – apologies for the mess !  i think if you just stick to the front page or rss feed you’ll be ok !

me by kezia



kezia took these pictures of me (above) last week.  you can see her shadow in the lower one


keep clear of lockside


things haven’t gone great with the upgrade, so lots of things aren’t working. oh well. i’ve spent 12 hours solid sitting in front of my computer trying to fix it, and it’s time for bed !
(apologies – still upgrading. things going particularly badly. things are gonna look weird for a while i think)

funkypancake – upgrade

just so you know, i’m going to attempt to upgrade the blog today, so apologies if things go wrong. i’ll let you know when things should be done. expert weird behaviour in the interim !
update: things are taking much longer than i expected !

two faced

(demonstrating the compression effect of a long focal length – yawn!)

river signs

any idea what these are for ?

Dolly Varden

Steve%20Dawson%20Dolly%20Varden.jpg Diane%20Christiansen%20Dolly%20Varden.jpg
Mark%20Balletto%20Dolly%20Varden.jpg Mike%20Bradburn%20Dolly%20Varden.jpg
Our friend Ian put on a gig on Tuesday night. i was in charge of live sound, and audio and video archiving. unfortunately i stuffed up on the audio archiving (i can give you a load of excuses if you want), but i did manage to get some good headshots of the band.
i’ve been experimenting a bit more with people shots, so this was an ideal time to try a few different things. these have had quite a lot of post-processing.
i’ve created a little Dolly Varden page with Lightroom here if you want to see them bigger
here’s an action shot of the band in motion. they were very excellent by the way.