October 2007

why growing a beard is like global warming

here is the evolution of my scottish holiday beard over a 2 week period.
i was thinking of doing a post along the lines of ‘why growing a beard is like global warming’
growing a beard is like global warming because if you don’t do anything about it it’ll get worse
growing a beard is like global warming because just admitting that there’s an ugly problem staring you in the face isn’t enough to solve the problem
growing a beard is like global warming because your own actions have a negative effect on other people
growing a beard is like global warming because it makes you all hot, itchy, scratchy and a bit stinky.
can you think of any of (better) reasons ?
(this last picture was taken in the evening after 2 long days of driving in a post-holiday traumatic state. the beard was removed shortly after)


this is what aliens should be doing. wandering around in space suits spraying mysterious substances

rascle’s carpet

rascle’s carpet would make ideal desktop wallpaper

thames path – part 12 iffley to lower radley

after a few months off due to the bad weather (this sign warns of flooding making walking dangerous), we were back on the path. it was just me and the ladies this time as jane’s dad was ill, so i had no one to talk about computers to.
we picked up the walk where we left off in May back at iffley. a lovely little village south of Oxford.
a key feature of this section of the walk was the electricity pilons
and the fishermen
the main lock interest was Sandford Lock which has the greatest fall of water on the Thames (and an attractive pub, but alas we didn’t stop)
it was a fairly short, but worthy stretch. weather nice and warm, and no moaning from kezia
i’ve booked a couple of days off work in October to do some more thames path walking, so hopefully we’ll get the momentum going, although i think we’re over a quarter of the way along now.