October 2007

a bad case of wind

last monday was a rainy and windy day in london. as i walked past this human statue the wind blew and her umbrella flipped inside out. she was doing her best to not fall off her box ! i grabbed a photo as i went back, but it doesn’t really depict the scene properly. oh well.
071001_850_img_5313.jpg 071001_850_img_5313b.jpg

available windows – page 75

the giant wordy poster signs at Paddington Station are often numbered. here is page 75.
this sign would work well for popular double glazers too.

return of the wispa

all week i’ve been hearing of sightings of the new returned Wispa bar, and yesterday i found a newsagents who was selling them. he was charging 50pence each so i haggled and got a discount by buying 10. here they are in a carrier bag.
matt, the weblandlord, emailed me a picture of him with a wispa earlier this week. i asked him for a review and he said he was slightly disappointed as they were lacking their original girth.
i’ve put all mine in the fridge for tasting this evening. i’ll let you know how we get on.
meanwhile you can enjoy them virtually here

uncle david by esther

here’s a picture from our scottish trip. esther drew the picture of uncle david. good likeness i’d say.