May 2004

the weather

i’m loving the weather at the moment. it’s great to have sunlight until after 9pm. today it’s been a bit colder and cloudy and i’ve spent lots of time in the underground due to work meetings all over the place.
just as i got off the train this evening it chucked it down with rain and then suddenly stopped. everywhere looked and smelt so fresh and all the leaves were covered in perfect little rain drops.
this picture doesn’t do it justice, but you get the idea.

danger high voltage

we’re not in to carrying weapons of personal destruction about in the UK. it’s considered a bit ‘off’ to carry a real gun or mace for example.
however, are police advising cyclists to purchase electrified bike chains ?
if so the warning should be to the thieves not the bike owners.


i love paint dribbles on the street. i’m not sure which way up this one goes.
this one is great. there must have been some barrier or something up at one time and the paint seaped underneath giving this fantastic pattern !


now, i’m in no position to pick people up on punctionation and spellling, but i did wonder why “winner” was in inverted commas. I suspect it’s because winning a hair and beauty contest isn’t really winning at all.
or maybe the nice judge said to the losers “don’t worry, we’re all winners here tonight” and they took it literally ?


random sheep graving in the middle of london on a tiny strip of grass.

the toys are saved

i forgot to tell you that the toy museum opposite my office which was going to shut down now isn’t.
So there’s good news for you.
If you are going to visit, drop me an email and i’ll wave at you from my window.

fridge bin

where do you put all that stuff you want to throw in the bin, but might go off and stinky if it gets too warm ?
answer is the fridge bin.
there’s still the problem of what to do with your half drunk half pint of beer (as seen here)

easy to understand graffiti

graffiti is notoriously difficult to comprehend. it’s all tags and squiggles these days.
i was delighted to see that some people are still using plain old english sentences like “i am canadian” and “just whistle”.
DSC03419.jpg DSC03420.jpg

green door

here is a burnt green door. it’s well worn. i’m sure there’s an interesting story behind it.
but i didn’t knock …

new wall

london is constantly under construction (insert tacky animated gif here). as a result new walls appear without warning.
here is one such wall. it has a pleasing line to it.

tv disaster

our telly died again so i got the old PC out and set it up in the living room. i think the scruffy office look works well in this room.
jane is less keen.
it’s bagpuss on the telly in case you can’t see it clearly

mystery man

i’m working from home today in our dining room. i like to choose different seats around the table to sit at when i’m working and at this moment i’m sitting on jane’s chair next to kezia’s high chair.
from this angle i can see where kezia puts her feet. to my amazement there’s a small man there. he looks quite stern and a little bit like a school teacher.
he can’t talk (or at least he’s refusing to speak to me right now) but if he could i bet he’d tell us a fantastic story of how he got there.

look up

i walk past this building quite regularly so apologies if this is a repeat ! i really like this one though so click for largeness.

through the bridge

here’s the houses of parliament through the side of a bridge.

electric sticker

i was fooled for a little bit as i walked towards this wall which appeared to have two UK electric sockets on it. Of course it’s just a very good sticker.
imagine how convenient it would be if we could install new electric sockets throughout the house with stickers. it could work for water taps too. it certainly works for holes in cartoons.
perhaps this is the way of providing electricity and even broadband Internet connectivity to inaccessible areas. it could solve the third world’s problems.
i think we might be on to something here …


kids love balloons. it seems that grown ups like them too. classically they are used in car show rooms to encourage people to part with many thousands of [appropriate local currency unit] for a new car.
who is it that impulse buys a car based on the fact the showroom has balloons hanging up ?
this pub has gone for a similar approach. oooh look. balloons. i think i need to buy myself a pint.

sticky fingers

i spotted this outside Buckingham Palace this evening whilst walking back from some meetings at the House of Commons (just thought i’d drop that in !).
it’s a stick but it looked like a beconing finger. very eeery.