May 2004

bank holiday activities

it’s a public holiday in the UK today and of course it’s raining. so we’ll probably take the kids for a nice walk in the rain.
update: we went to Kew Gardens and got very wet:
DSC02708.jpg DSC02717.jpg


last week we did a cycle ride. this week we did it again, only the other backwards. yes it was tricky.
at one point esther decided she wanted a break from sitting on the back of her tag-along bike so decided to sit on this fence instead.

love flowers

here are some weird little flowers from our garden. esther spotted that they looked like little hearts. and so they do.

long worm

there was much excitement this afternoon when the girls found a big snail walking across the lawn. unfortunately it moved too fast for my camera skills to catch a photo of it.
but a little later this massive worm wiggled by our feet. it was above half a metre long at maximum stretch. (jane says it was around 20 centimetres – andy or mary-anne may wish to add their estimates as they too witnessed the monster).
whatever it was i didn’t like it and will NEVER go in to my garden again.

friends for lunch

we had our friends Andy, Mary-Anne, Jacob and Alice for lunch. we beefed it up with the traditional ‘orkshire puddings.
summer decided to return so here we are in the garden:
and here are alice and kezia enjoying a drink and a cake:


i didn’t realise that both of these things are dandelions until fairly recently. i’ve posted this picture so you’ll know if you don’t or be reminded if you do.


have you heard of the boobahs ? i bought a DVD of them for �2 last week and esther and kezia love them.
as a parent you usually have at least an idea of what is going on in a program, but the boobahs is just too random for words. it’s fantastic. as is their website. Apparently it’s educational.
i have a theory about this kind of program – the creators, producers and commissioners of this type of program are probably of the 60s generation who experimented with psychedlic drugs. they are now passing on their ‘experiences’ through the media of kids TV.
here are esther and kezia on the sofa (under a blanket) mesmerised:

little dougie

here is dougie. he’s 10 days old and is very cute. he belongs to paul and liz.
last week three of our bests friends had babies every 2 days (you know what i mean). Dougie is the youngest.
DSC02669.jpg DSC02671.jpg
here is a profile view: