May 2004

rat rapper

i saw this today. can’t remember where.

serious boozer

how DO you organise a drinking party at a brewery ? i’d phone them up and have an ask.
as we know, serious drinkers don’t go to the pub, they go straight to the brewery and get tanked up there instead. some breweries even have areas where customers can get loaded with lager, such as here.
i was just passing.

national help point week

i’ve decided it’s national help point week. today, we’ve all got to help people point at things.
some peoples’ arms aren’t strong enough and you can help by giving them extra support whilst others have no fingers and it might be kindest to point for them (without being patronising of course).
i inadvertently started helping with pointing yesterday (as seen here)
or perhaps i’ve misread the sign. perhaps we should be all helping the humble full stop. i often neglect this small chap and leave my sentences pointless – preferring instead to use a line ‘-‘ or a colon ‘:’
you decide. let me know how you get on

rest in(side) peace

funeral directors are funny old places (without the humour obviously). here is such a place off Brick Lane. It’s nice how they have provided some reference clients so you can see what other people got.
it’s also a nice idea because of the british weather. it’s raining again today, but anyone who’s buried in here will be nice and dry because the shop is fully glazed and has modern doors and everything.

lost hat

esther and i found this hat. i asked her to point to it for a photo, but she said i should point to it and she’d take the photo. so we did.
by the way, i must say a thank you to PigPog for the tribute to the glove the collection
(by the way, i’m not sure what’s happened to my face in this photo. it looks like i’ve got weird hair and missing lots of teeth. hoorah for jpg compression).


taking photos of flowers is a bit boring. but boring is what i do best. so here are some daisy things:
and here are some wet crokii:

click for big version
update: our friend lynda just emailed me to say that they aren’t okey-crokiis, they are in fact turnips. highly unlikely in my opinion, but what do i know (very little probably, though i can’t be sure).

fix your eyes

here’s your weekly (weakly?) god-stuff:

children’s personality test

here’s a little test to find the personality of your children – find a giant flower than looks like a hat and get them to stand underneath it. notice the different reactions !
DSC02764.jpg DSC02768.jpg
note: no flowers or children were damaged or hurt in the process of obtaining these photos.

a very british scene

here is a classic british scene. it’s morris men on a rainy may day bank holiday. they delighted us by doing their usual bell jingling stuff with the added protection of umbrellas.
this group of morris men had blackened up their faces and looked very scarey.
DSC02741.jpg DSC02749.jpg


here are some bluebells in kew gardens
DSC02728.jpg DSC02726.jpg