taking photos of flowers is a bit boring. but boring is what i do best. so here are some daisy things:
and here are some wet crokii:

click for big version
update: our friend lynda just emailed me to say that they aren’t okey-crokiis, they are in fact turnips. highly unlikely in my opinion, but what do i know (very little probably, though i can’t be sure).


4 thoughts on “flowers”

  1. I’ll bet Lynda said they are tulips. However, I’ve only seen turnips in the supermarket and have not idea what they look like growing in Kew.

  2. I do worry about your grasp of the world that you live in : not knowing about dandilions, not knowing the difference between a crocus (small flower) and a tulip (large flower that you have photographed several times in the last couple of weeks). I wonder if you know about the birds and the bees….

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