May 2004

stunt bike

here is a bike stuck halfway up a building. very impressive

protect and survive

i bought this DVD the other day. technically it’s a bit tricky to navigate but content wise it’s fantastic.
how stupid we were in the 1970s. good job we had people to tell us common sense.
but how scarey are some of the information films – over half of them end up in people being seriously injured on the road, in a factory etc. it’s very scarey.
“old fridges can kill” is a particular favourite.
i was to young to remember the Protect and Survive thing, but the info films are really disturbing.
do you know what this is ? it’s a ‘casualty’. if they die in your safe room you need to poke them through the door after 2 days and label them up. after 5 days you can bury the body in the garden.
you can view some public information films on this excellent website


here’s a thing of use from MSN. if you are a young’un or have young’uns and you want to use the interwebular safely then go there and see. or something.

swallowfield show

hoorah. they swallowfield show website has been updated and the schedule has been published.
if you live in berkshire and its environs then you should consider entering one of the many craft exhibits (or at the least going along). The Sunday clashes with the Reading Festival, but you’ll be free on Monday right ?
i was fortunate enough to win the photography prize last year.
their website is just superb. you really catch the carnival atmosphere (especially if you have your sound switched on).
swallowfield show.jpg

puddle pictures

another interesting puddle puzzle. i think it’s a person spraying a can of coke all over the place. but i could be wrong.
meanwhile, i had a dream last night that a photo of mine had been published in the Independent newspaper (the full size version, not the new tabloid one). i took a note in my sleeping brain to try to remember what the picture was so my waking brain would know.
the picture was of a red car (from left) with a pile of scrapped cars (various colours) in the middle distance behind it. the pile was about 4 or 5 cars high at its peak. to the right of the picture was a big hedge and in the hedge at the front was an owl. the owl had its wings open like it was flying (but in fact it was dead).
therapy time over. goodbye.

down street tube station

here is the other lost london tube station. it’s in down street and the design is just like Covent Garden (see here and here)

down wid da sketchin

cheryl sent me this found portait. it’s very good and has a nice message on the back:
thanks cheryl !

the old glued coins trick

here are two tuppeny pieces stuck to the floor. they’ve obviously been there a while as they are well worn. it’s nice to think of the generations of people who will have stooped to pick them up (and failed)


it’s 100 days until the olympics. here is Beth Tweddle a UK olympic team person and she won some medal at the last olympics. (i know as much about sport as i do about flowers)

a room with a view

it can’t be great being homeless. but you can choose a nice view to wake up to in the morning.

lots of babies

here is hannah (born 18 Apr 04):
here is olivia (born 20 Apr 04)
here is dougie (born 21 Apr04)
congratulations to all involved !

toilet requisites

this isn’t a phrase i’m familiar with (despite walking past it for the last 6 months every evening and only noticing it for the first time today).
what are ‘toilet requisites’ ?
* are they things you eat and drink to produce toilet bound matter ?
* are they bladders and bowels ?
* are they running water and/or a chemical facility ?
* are they a newspaper and some privacy ?
kezia is potty training at the moment. she just decided it was time and we (quite literally) decided to go with the flow.
she’s adopted her own language. instead of saying “i need a wee-wee” she says “i’ve done a poo”.
we know what it means but she scared people in the creche at church last week because they didn’t realise it was a request to be taken to the toilet rather than information on what hadn’t happened.
just for your information she calls a poo a ‘preecy-egg’. she also calls Easter Eggs ‘preecy-eggs’. we had a very cheap easter this year …

whiz kids

everyone knows that kids explode if they run faster than 6 miles per hour. there is a danger zone between 5 and 6 miles per hour when they could go off, but you can’t be sure.
best to be careful just in case.

fruit basket

here is a bike with a basket on the back. people have generously put old pieces of mouldy fruit in it to give it a more organic look.
rotting fruit is something often missed in modern bike design.