the other side of the street

i decided to walk my walk to work on the opposite side of the road today. my route is finely honed and the ocasional deliberate disruption can help see things in a different way. the pavement always looks greyer on the other side, but is it ?
i can report that it’s more dangerous over there. i know the traffic light timings and zebra crossing etiquette on my normal side, but the other side of the road is a lot less predictable.
environmentally, the other side of the road is very similar to the normal side of the road. same weather conditions for most of the journey, although i did experience a lot more shade on this sunny morning (which was very welcome).
but oh the visual chaos over there. look at this collection of street frontages. black and white squares are popular but there’s no uniformity of shape or size and there’s random other flooring in there too. this mess carried on right up the street.
i suspect you could get hypnotised if you walked over this bit of street at the right speed.