walking update

a bet you’ve been wondering how far i’ve got with my walking. well the answer is 992km since i started at the beginning of February.
i read on michelle’s blog that McDonalds are giving away free Pedometers (stepometers) to Americans with their happy meals (see press release). Other blogs have picked up on this (including this one which picks up on the fat stomach angle).
i’ve done 1,224,691 steps if you are interested since i strapped on and walked off.

Currently my new boots (which i started wearing at the same time as i bought the pedometer) have cost me 6 pence per kilometer travelled.


6 thoughts on “walking update”

  1. they’re doc marten’s. worth every cent (or, pence). now I want a pedometer, to justify MY shoes. great idea … idea + man + shoes = strange! cool.

  2. i think somehow “stepometer” was supposed to sound cooler than “pedometer.” when i was a kid i always wanted one of those thingies that went on your bicycle to say how far you had ridden. i never got one though… 🙁

  3. Thanks for linking to my page about McDonald’s fat stomach comment. I got the stepometer for our new toy friday at work. And we always read the instructions out loud, so this was quite the hit. 🙂

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