July 2007

royalty – your help needed !

remember elton my old hairdresser (from when i had old hair) from Betty Tigers in Sheffield? well, anyway, he’s a major creative influence and i probably wouldn’t have bothered doing funkypancake if it wasn’t for his approach to just doing stuff even though it makes no sense !
anyway … he needs help for a project he’s working on. he writes:
I am attempting to write a film script at the moment,and in one bit a girl artist produces a portrait of the queen out of stamps,(the stamps are placed,probably by a computer program into the correct order to make a portrait of H.M. from a more distant view!)
Do you know anyone who would be interested in doing this and subsequently being up for receiving a knighthood or something. Love to all Elton
drop him an email via betty tigers if you are interested !
(by the way, i was really happy with how this twenty pound note came out!)

esther birthday party (2 in a series of 2)

it absolutely chucked it down with rain during hte party, but we still did the crafting outside under the shelter of the gozeeeebo (with the military poncho acting as an extension)

bees at church

kezia spotted a swarm of bees when we arrived at church yesterday (we’re usually first in as we need to set the PA up and have our band practice). Anyway, whilst we were practising the girls told the church wardens who made this fantastic blockage
they also tried to stop any more bees joining the swarm, although i’m not sure how many can read )or perhaps they can – that’s what spelling bees are about).
and just in case you are interested, here are the bees.

widger dibber

the coolest name for a device ever ?

actual real animals

our friend kate was complaining there wasn’t enough real animals on funkypancake. so here are some from last year which you haven’t yet seen
i think part of the problem is that i don’t come across animals much in my daily life, other than stuff which whizzes past as i drive to/from work.

london telecom

this is a bit nerdy, but you would have thought a telecoms company would have noticed that the 0181 outer london code was replaced a number of years ago with 020 8, and the number on this van can’t be dialled.
it’s never a good idea to show you don’t know what you’re meant to know so blatantly.

the goodenough club

i could see myself being a member of the good enough club. if i passed their entry requirements

mixed rubbish

“mixed rubbish” – that could sum up funkypancake. (probably more accurate than ‘the modern mundanist’