July 2007

dalek dies of cherry bakewell overdose

i love supermarkets. i love the way things are organised together, and the aisles and the sounds and everything.
yesterday i went to asda with esther and kezia, and the girls spotted this dalek in with the cherry bakewells. i could imagine intergalactic invaders getting side tracked by cakes and eventually croaking due to the sugar intake.
Humans have the ability to stretch their bodies (especially their bellies) to accommodate extra cake. evil space aliens don’t. if only dr who had considered the power of cherry bakewells

happy 80th birthday

according to kezia it was my lovely wife jane’s 80th birthday yesterday. happy birthday maaam

sue pollard

how’s this for a celebrity spot ? it’s sue pollard. we saw her in the audience at the blue peter proms.
esther said she liked her hair and she thought she was called Sue Bollard which would have been much better.
if only i’d known she’d been one of the voice of Noisy in Little Robots, i could have appeared more knowledgeable and down with the kids

the blue peter prom

Our friend John asked if we would like to join his family for a trip to the Blue Peter Proms concert at the Royal Albert Hall yesterday. it was most excellent
the weather even stayed good long enough for us to have a speedy picnic before dropping on our car at great strength seconds after we started driving home. the weather has been a bit bonkers recently.