July 2007



best qaulity xmas trees

i saw this yesterday. top qaulity. get them early (before the spelling police come round)

the funkypancake courtesy art project

in my job i go to a lot of meeting rooms in different places, and i’ve increasingly noticed that many of them have picture hooks which aren’t used for anything. it happens in pubs and cafes too.
so, i thought, i can knock up a few funkypancake photos in frames and hang them up (and leave them there) when i see them.
yesterday was my first attempt, but i think i chose the wrong venue. it was a trendy bar and i just left the picture on a windowsill. when we went through to the dining area a waiter walked through with the frame and said “do you want this or shall i throw it in the bin”. so i took it back looking a bit sheepish.
but i shalln’t be put off. Balham obviously doesn’t understand art. it’s gone back in my bag for the next proper opportunity (and i’m going to stick to wall mounting in future)

church and ice cream van

ice cream van and a church – there’s a fantastic title in this picture somewhere – but i can’t think of it !


my lovely wife jane doesn’t usually let me post photos of her, but she let me put this one on. not sure why though !

trolley tricks

i’ve set myself a regime of walking to the local tescos for my sandwich and morning pastries each morning just after it opens. i get there the same time as the trolley catchers who round up the wayward trollies after their night activities.
this daily routine suits me. here are some trolley headstands