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royalty – your help needed !

remember elton my old hairdresser (from when i had old hair) from Betty Tigers in Sheffield? well, anyway, he’s a major creative influence and i probably wouldn’t have bothered doing funkypancake if it wasn’t for his approach to just doing stuff even though it makes no sense !
anyway … he needs help for a project he’s working on. he writes:
I am attempting to write a film script at the moment,and in one bit a girl artist produces a portrait of the queen out of stamps,(the stamps are placed,probably by a computer program into the correct order to make a portrait of H.M. from a more distant view!)
Do you know anyone who would be interested in doing this and subsequently being up for receiving a knighthood or something. Love to all Elton
drop him an email via betty tigers if you are interested !
(by the way, i was really happy with how this twenty pound note came out!)