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bees at church

kezia spotted a swarm of bees when we arrived at church yesterday (we’re usually first in as we need to set the PA up and have our band practice). Anyway, whilst we were practising the girls told the church wardens who made this fantastic blockage
they also tried to stop any more bees joining the swarm, although i’m not sure how many can read )or perhaps they can – that’s what spelling bees are about).
and just in case you are interested, here are the bees.


1 thought on “bees at church”

  1. Wow, they’re making a triangle. My kids have a Winnie-the-Pooh CD-ROM where the bees do some formation flying to make a square in the sky – I think in the TV series bees can also spell out words the same way – I suspect a joke on Spelling-B’s. But it appears that the shape-making could be true.
    Thanks to Kezia for this truth-as-strange-as-fiction moment.

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