July 2007

down a cave

from about a year ago (i’ve got about 1500 unseen photos lined up for the blog at the moment so some are bound to be a bit old!)

double basses (bassii?)

there were various orchestras playing at esther’s music concert yesterday. at one point 8 double bass players lined themselves up along the front of the stage and did their double bass thing. although, being cool bass types, they waited for the main orchestra to play an intro for them for a bit first.
however, when you see 8 double basses (bassii?) in a row like this, it does funny things to your brain (at least it did to mine). it was rather like repeating the a word to yourself over and over until the word changes from being a word in to a collection of sounds and loses its meaning temporary. do you know what i mean ? say ‘chicken’ to yourself for a minute and see what happens [experiment best tried in solitude to avoid people thinking you are mad].
anyway, seeing all those double bassii (8 double makes a 16th), which are essentially giant violins, suddenly seemed really surreal and quite funny to my brain.
so there you go. an insight in to the funkypancake brain there.


(photo by esther)

still life photography course part4

the final week with the lazy eye doll (cost 30p from some charity shop). she’s been on our shelf for a few years, but it was only on wednesday night i realised she did this which was quite alarming ((try here if the video below doesn’t work))

here are two other objects:

no smoking non compliance

there’s been a blossoming of no smoking signs in recent days due to the smoking ban in the UK. most of them have been sad and generic (and many are upside down, unless smoke is particularly heavy in some places), however, this one was proudly shouting it’s non compliance