July 2007

wedding photography course

i went on a wedding photography course yesterday. not because i plan to do any weddings (i definitely don’t), but because i’m interested in all the different bits
i asked the couple to hop to a tree, which they did. which was quite impressive in high heels (for the bride at least)
you have to be alert in these situations. here a fellow coursee looks for brides and grooms up trees.
we were encouraged to frame the couple around objects. i chose a bin
we even got to go to a church for shots. very handy during the rain.
and the final get-a-way
you can see a few other wedding photos i took here on my other flickr repository


looks better big, so clickity click the pic

charitable directions

i spoke to the chap who wrote this sign and he told me he’d raised £700 for the hospital which was quite fantastic.
i asked him if his answers related to geographic or spiritual lost-ness. he said it was solely geographic lost-ness. rather than soul-y lost-ness i assume.

air raid sirens

this probably isn’t graffiti and is an advert for something, but i thought it was good so here’s a photo.
best before end of the world. wise words.

the day i didn’t go up BT Tower

most of the days of my life are spent not going up BT Tower (as are most other people’s), but yesterday was going to be an exception as i had a meeting at the bottom which was to be followed by lunch at the top. but unfortunately, the top of the building was commandeered by the people at top of the company and the big cheeses won, so we had lunch in a windowless room instead.
if you are interested in what i didn’t see, see the bt tower category where you can see what i sawed when i sawed it before



the funkypancake insect identification service #2

keith sent me this picture and said:
“The attached shot is of a bug I found on some sweet peas growing in our garden in Southampton. Judging by this site: http://www.projects.ex.ac.uk/bugclub/bugid.html
it might be some sort of Hemiptera, but that doesn’t mean anything to me so if you run out of things to post, feel free to put it up for readers to come up with a more meaningful name.
Apologies for the large file but I wanted you to be able to enjoy the full horror of it; if you zoom right in, he appears to have actually turned his head towards me to get a better look, if those are in fact eyes on his head….. ”
so, what do you think ?

alan’s butterfly walk


Alan lead us on a butterfly walk after church yesterday.  there was a good turn out considering the wet weather


 esther and kezia loved walking through muddy puddles and streams in their trainers

070701_350d_img_0350.jpg 070701_350d_img_0354.jpg

 here’s alan demonstrating his butterfly lassoo technique


 alan really was the star of the show, catching and explaining everything about butterflies and nature and stuff

070701_350d_img_0242.jpg 070701_350d_img_0234.jpg

here he is doing the classic blanket sweep butterfly trawl. 


and explaining the catch to the assembled throng 


this is a butterfly 


here’s the specimen jar (temporary accomodation for the catchee before being let free again) 


all terrific stuff. i think alan was doing for butterflies what funkypancake does for lost gloves. so perhaps i should do guided photo tours round london ? any interest ? no, i thought not !

dave’s book store

dave had a bookstall at church yesterday which was good. he had some top bargains. he did the talk as well meaning he was a busy chap.
but it got me thinking – perhaps we need to think of more ways of monetising congregations. i don’t mean that. i just liked the sound of the phrase.


we nearly ran over this dummy yesterday. luckily jane was happy to do an emergency stop and ease forward so i could hop out and get a photo.
don’t forget you can get your funkypancake dummy books, delivered internationally, from here