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the funkypancake insect identification service #2

keith sent me this picture and said:
“The attached shot is of a bug I found on some sweet peas growing in our garden in Southampton. Judging by this site:
it might be some sort of Hemiptera, but that doesn’t mean anything to me so if you run out of things to post, feel free to put it up for readers to come up with a more meaningful name.
Apologies for the large file but I wanted you to be able to enjoy the full horror of it; if you zoom right in, he appears to have actually turned his head towards me to get a better look, if those are in fact eyes on his head….. ”
so, what do you think ?


7 thoughts on “the funkypancake insect identification service #2”

  1. Another lovely pohoto Dave, well done! It’s a Bush-cricket, most likely an Oak Bush cricket, (Meconema thalassinum to give it its posh name). I would hazard a guess that there are plenty of trees, (not necessarily Oak), in the vicinity and this little fellow had lost his way! They are also attracted by light, like moths.I say “little” as he/she is but a youngster -if it was adult it would probably have long wings along its back. Sorry to say it isn’t Hemiptera (i.e. a true bug) but Orthoptera (Grasshoppers and Crickets). The long powerful hind legs are a dead giveaway. The long antennae are characteristic of crickets, while grasshoppers have only short ones. Yes, those are indeed eyes on its head – fearsome eh?

  2. Hi Alan, actually I sent the photo in but I’m happy for Dave to take the credit as he was kind enough to post it and after all, it’s his website! Thanks for the ident, good guess on location- the sweet peas are next to the shed, which backs on to some large conifer type trees. Maybe he just felt like a walk? It was the roundness of the body that confused me but that makes sense if it’s a baby. Well, I didn’t want it wandering round the house so I shook it back out into the garden, hopefully he’ll find his way back to the trees!

  3. Alan should def take credit for an excellent photo, but God / Evolution should take credit for the beeeestie, depending on which side of that debate you land….

  4. now it’s getting very complicated.
    photo from keith.
    identification from alan
    philosophy/theology from treandbob
    webspace from weblandlord matts

  5. I feel the need to just jump in and make more confusion…can I get credited for growing the sweetpeas upon which George the Oak Busk Cricket was found?!

  6. you certainly can.
    i like to think funkypancake readers are working together to create the perfect conditions for insect holidaying.

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