November 2003

a morning with dad

i looked after the kids this morning as jane was doing commerce at the preschool toy sale. esther decided she wanted to go to Maidenhead and Kezia was happy to go along with the plan.
here are a couple of photos of the day. kezia with her finnish hat on (left) and both the girls spontaneously saluting the camera for no reason (right)
DSC08157.jpg DSC08170.jpg
we saw a steam train whizzing through maidenhead station when we were there. it came and went too fast to a photo unfortunately. but it was good (imagine it)


i love 6music. i listen to it lots. i am on their announcement mailing list. so are hundreds or thousands of others.
they must have changed their email address settings because this afternoon i’ve received about 20 out of office replies from other people on the list and they are still coming in fast and furious.
i’m very tempted to send an email to the mailing list (which is now an exploding mailing list) and spam them all about the blog ! Or maybe I could sell the list name to a notorious spammer for a pile of modern money.
(After announcing the URL at my presentation yesterday I did spot a jump in viewing figures to the site – and 6 people downloaded the presentation [but one of those could have been me]).
it’s fascinating the different types of out of office messages people have
here are a few extracts:

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the 2nd presentation

the 2nd presentation at the OIF went fine again this morning. yesterday’s topic was quite exciting and was in some ways a 30 minutes blog-type thought thing.
Today’s was about how Internet providers business models work in the UK for both dial up and broadband access. Highly boring.
Interestingly, the projector blew up once i’d finished presenting which lead to an impromptu 20 minutes coffee break ! This is becoming a habit … perhaps i need insurance.

bank dog

a dog sign on a bank. not sure what the eye one means. no winking at the bank staff ?

wino provision

when they replace this seat they should include bottles of wine for the winos like they have on this bench:

poor baby

is this one of those poor jelly babies i saw the other day or a different one ? It was looking very dirty. a jelly baby tramp.

hair hat

here is jane wearing a hair piece.
i wore a wig last night too. kezia woke up in the night and i went to see her. she looked at my head and said “hat”. then she felt it and said “hair”. then she thought for a moment and said “hair hat”.
we should get out more (if you are reading this and would like to invite us out, please do)


more from the weebls-stuff. a most excellent scampi. turn your sound on and enjoy

Presentation #1

you may remember i spent all tuesday writing presentations ? Well i got to present one of them this afternoon.
i think it went well. there were a few smiles and people seemed to enjoy it. i’d turned down the lights so low that i couldn’t really see people’s faces so couldn’t tell if anyone had fallen asleep (i used light switch setting number 4 if you are noting these things down)
DSC08144.jpg DSC08145.jpg
the picture on the left shows the auditoreum.
the picture on the right shows some of the best technical brains in Britain trying to reboot a computer and get the projector working. it broke down when a poor chap was just starting his presentation. Hoorah for technical problems.
I’ve on more presentation on a different subject for me tomorrow and then i can relax for the weekend !
What’s that ? you’d like to see the presentation ? well, you’d best go to their website and look there then

more sweepers

here is a strange thing. the driver of the fancy road cleaners is seen here collaborating with a lowly pavement cleaner. incredible. especially since the leaves incident



photo booth mystery

i love photobooths as they provide passport photos which people lose and i can find
this man was standing in a booth at Paddington Station. I got a £2 coin out to put in the slot at the outside to give him a shock when it took some photos, but unfortunately the coin slot is now on the inside.
so i took this photo from the outside instead

more cleaners

here are two more cleaners to add to the hierachy (one a the top, one at the bottom)
DSC08135.jpg DSC08141.jpg

signs of hounds

here is a picture of a hound and a rather mysterious shape which looks unforunately a little like a bottom.

when blogs collide

i went out with grahame from dragoon last night. until recently his blog was sublet under the funkypancake domain, but now he has his own house to live in.
we wandered the streets of london and relieved some of our various blog postings. most(ly) fun.
DSC08129.jpg DSC08131.jpg
this photo is sideways, but i think it works better that way:


it was very very wet walking in to work this morning. i took my glasses off so i could see better which sort of worked.
this was a mysterious site. a bit like crop circles, only with leaves and on the road.
i suspect that there is some demarkation thing going on between the pavement cleaners and the road cleaners. it’s the thawny subject of ‘gutter edge ownsership’
pavement cleaners are probably responsible for the pavement and up to half a metre in to the road (to make sure the gutter is cleared). Road cleaners are responsible for the road, which for their pursposes starts half a metre from the gutter edge.
However, there seems to be one of two problems going on here:
1) there is a calibration problem and the pavement / street cleaners measurements are undermeasured
2) the pavement cleaners are measuring the distance from the pavement side of the kerb stone whilst the street cleaners are measuring it from the road side, leaving a gap the size of the kerb stones in the road.
perhaps there are other explanations …