November 2003

George W Bush memorial walk

here is a walk around London which might take a couple of hours (or longer if you want). Let’s assume George Bush arrives at Heathrow airport. He’ll wheel his bags through customs and head straight for the Heathrow Express to Paddington Station. It’s famous for being the most expensive train journey you can make for the distance in the UK.

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a floating street cleaning device

random person

i’ve decided to take pictures of people in london who look interesting (with their permission).
here is my first person who has eyes like flies.

George W

George Bush and myself have at least one thing in common – today we have meetings in and around Westminster. He’s even staying over at the Queen’s place. I live in commuting distance so don’t need to worry about that myself.
My meeting was attended by people with fancy names like ‘Lord so and so’ and Baroness this and that’. and me. and was in a very fancy building.
My walk to the meeting from Paddington Station took 40 minutes and my walk back to the office took about 30 minutes. Comparible times to travelling by tube and much less stressful.
On the train this morning it occured to me that George W might be doing exactly the same journey, so i photoed lots of tourist things to do on the way.
I shall call this the George W commemorative walk and i’ll do a seperate entry on it.
here are two of the ITV news team. The bloke on the right is John Stapleton and does the breakfast news when i wake up. i had seen him 2 hours earlier on the telly and happened to walk past where he was standing 2 hours later (and he was still there). he was wearing glasses which he removed when i asked if i could take his photo.
the photo on the left is of a newsreader bloke and a random lady hiding behind a van. i don’t know who he is, but i’m sure Andrew, a regular reader of the blog will tell us.
DSC08214.jpg DSC08216.jpg
I also saw Michael ‘parky’ Parkinson outside the Iv:
as is my way with celebrity spotting, he moved to quickly and went behind a taxi. i want a camera with a quicker start up time !

do not stop here

you are not allowed to stop under the runway at Gatwick airport which seems fair enough. trains are ok though
DSC08188.jpg DSC08189.jpg

seeing the light

i’m on the edge of another mad week. i’ve a day trip to gatwick today for a meeting but i’ll be back later to update the blog !
update: journey time to gatwick 2.30 hours. journey time back 3.20 hours. British trains are a bit rubbish.
when i got to reading people were very annoyed as we had been sitting outside the station for 30 minutes waiting for a platform to be free.
to cheer us up, all the computer screens showing the train times were broken, but had been replaced with pretty rainbows.
and to finish it off, i’ve just sat down at my computer and a ceramic table lamp has fallen on my head. all in all an average day (but i finally see the light)


lamby has recently turned in to a bit of a dandy. here she is wearing her bandana.

a meal out

we were invited out for a meal today after church and the kids band practice. we had a really good time and the food was fantastic ! a nice sunday lunch (chicken variety) followed by a fantastic chocolate pudding. yummerama.
DSC08180.jpg DSC08183.jpg
If you are around 2 years old, there is nothing better than scoffing loads of chocolate, smearing the remains over your face and then running around the room as quickly as you can (accompanied by Casiotone cheese)


here is a very exciting thing. it’s a posh shoe on a stone pillar. it was on a main road near a crossroads and a train station. we have friends who live nearby but they’ve temporarily moved because their house is falling down.
i spotted this find as we whizzed by in the car (i was driving). 5 minutes later we had to drive back down the same road so i got jane to drive and she let me run out and take the photo (much like she did for the army barracks dog a week or so back)
DSC08177.jpg DSC08178.jpg
the shoe looked very new. perhaps someone threw it out because they realised it was beige ?

weather pixie

the poor old weather pixie has been feeling under the weather. So i’ve moved her to her own entry and people can go searching for her if they want.
The WeatherPixie
If you can’t see anything exciting above then she’s simply too busy to appear.
oh well. it’s always raining in england anyway.

the flumps

jane made £4 at the toy sale today by selling our things. unfortunately I simultaneously and independtly blew it on a video of The Flumps. There’s something about repacked TV from childhood years which taps in to people’s brains. The fact it was for sale in a charity shop made it even more appealing.
i was esther’s age when this program appeared on British TV and I remember watching the World Premier of it. I think they did a feature on it on the live magazine program before it (Pebble Mill i think).
DSC08171.jpg DSC08174.jpg
The amazing thing was that when i watched it through with esther later in the day it was as good as i remembered it !

sign of a dog

here is a sign of a dog which looks more like a cow. notice the skinny tail and ear. esther spotted another sign next to this one. she said “why is there a picture of a camera with a line through it ?”. ooops

kezia and her baby

kezia used to have something she called her ‘baby’. It was in fact a little police car. since then she’s found a proper dolly to love which is her new baby.
i sold my soul and took the easy option of a lunch in McDonalds in Maidenhead today. kezia had her baby with her and made sure it got some chips:
DSC08162.jpg DSC08164.jpg
she also gave it a drink:

esther finds stuff

esther and a one penny piece
esther with one glove, then a few moments later with the other glove
DSC08167.jpg DSC08168.jpg