November 2003


phones are always getting smaller.
this one, modelled here by esther, has a nice polyphonic ring tone and picture messaging facility.

who wants to read the subtitles

i love subbies on the telly. ceefax/teletext page 888. i was concerned they might not be there when we went digital but i needn’t have worried.
my favourite thing of all is watching top of the pops with subtitles so i can learn the words to the hip songs that the kids are singing.
i’ve discovered another nice idea this evening after a pleasant drink of Honey Dew. i was playing The Beta Band very loudly whilst watching Who Wants To Be A Milli on the telly. WWTBAM is annoying to watch usually (in my opinion) but without the sound and the subbies on it’s much better. The whole experience was quite pleasant.

liz, esther and lamby

afternoon tea and cakes is a very British thing to do. today we were joined by out friend Liz who joined us for a late tiffin.

museum study

here are esther and kezia in reading museum doing some study.
kezia became very attached to a stuffed badger and she was quite upset when we had to leave.