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Monthly Archives: November 2003

i found an R earlier in the week. this evening i found loads of letters on pieces of paper blowing down the Edgware Road. They were spread over about 200 metres and took a while to track down and photograph.
DSC08428.jpg DSC08429.jpg DSC08430.jpg DSC08433.jpg
DSC08434.jpg DSC08435.jpg DSC08436.jpg
This letter W was the trickiest to capture as every time i turned it over it blew back face down. there was an old man watching me so i told him what i was up to. he then walked off.
generally, when people stare at me, i often find that telling them what i’m doing is the best way of moving them on.

i bought another wig today for £3. the shop assistant was a smartly dressed lady in a wig. she was a he if you know what i mean. shopping in london is such fun. this is the same shop which sold me my cemetry jacket
here is esther demonstrating the wig. she wanted to keep it in her room overnight so she can put it on in the morning when she wakes up.
and he’s an even crazier thing. look at the sparkle in esther’s eye from the original version of the photo above:
the wig has powers we know not of. probably

you remember i told you about a hotel which was riddling (wriggling?) with cops and spooks last week cuz George was in town ?
well, it’s also the place where the psychelic slick was. and this morning, a load of multicoloured broken glass looking all twinkerly in the pouring rain:
interestingly they had a load of matresses in a skip outside the side entrance. perhaps George’s people asked them to be disposed of ? or maybe they were going to get some new ones anyway and waited until they had gone to get some new ones in. or maybe this was the only way of getting rid of the secret agents’ bed-bugs ?

following comments on my original Pop Idol post, i sent an email to the production coordinator of Pop Idol saying “can you tell me if there is going to be a kids pop idol at any time in the future on British TV ?”.
here is the response:

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big excitement !!! found another photo for the davescollections site this evening on the way back home. it had obviously been in a puddle for quite a while as the colour has all washed away.
i was very pleased with this find as it was on the opposite side of the road from where i usually walk and the street lights weren’t very bright.
as always, i’ll add to the main site once i find time to do the Frontpage thing.

i went to Pizza Hut with ‘Big Eye’ this evening. was very good. as a non dairy and wheat eater it was good to stuff cheesey pizza down my gullet. it tasted mighty fine.
we didn’t dessert, so instead took a photo of the ice-cream machine. it’s actually an ice-cream dispenser and not a machine as such. you’re not meant to take these things literally of course, so i let it pass.
please note: this is second picture of me on the blog in one day, both sporting my new cemetry fleece. i can only apologise and will cut back on the me-photos.
(i’ve noticed no one has commented on the blog since i included a picture of myself) !

bargain of the week – a grey zip up fleece with three pockets for £5.99. here i am modelling it in my catalogue pose:
but what’s that logo on the pocket you ask ?
it says Friends Of Kensal Green Cemetery.
we’ll all be a friend of a cemetery eventually. i wish i was in their marketing department …

it’s stopped raining which is good news. i’ve decided to stop work on my Ark for a while. other people have taken equally affirmative anti-rain actions.
here is a brolly someone has simply cast aside in to the gutter. i bet they’ll regret that once the rains comes back. or maybe they’ve got another one. who knows. who cares.

another very wet day. church this morning was excellent. the rest of the day was spent eating bacon, sleeping, crafting and playing dominos (traditional style and toppling).
esther and jane went for a very cold very wet walk and i stayed home with kezia who decided to put on a little puppet show for me
her story was a little confused. it only had three characters – a Wise Man and Mary from the nativity set, and (special guest star) teddy bear from the Three Bears playing the part of Jesus. Or was it Wise Man and Mary playing the part of the other two bears ? All very interesting (and extremely amusing to watch)

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