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UK law

UK law and the lawmaking process is quite complicated. however, there are some excellent government websites to help you find out what’s going on.

When they are still working on the laws they appear on the uk parliament website. This website also includes the electronic Hansard which is the Official Reports of MPs discussing stuff.
Once Bills (draft laws) have received Royal Ascent (ie been accepted as law) then they go on to Her Majesty’s Stationary Office website. All the UK legislation is here
There’s some strange titled Bills going through at the moment, including:
* Food Justice Strategies (equal rights for burgers)
* High Hedges (how to complain about cannabis bushes)
Two which may effect this blog directly are:
* Litter and Fouling of Land By Dogs
(dogs should put their rubbish in bins like everyone else, but i look forward to the signs)
* Street Furniture (Graffiti) Bill
(i see a lot of chairs/sofas in the streets of london. none graffiti’d so far)