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a cemetery jacket

bargain of the week – a grey zip up fleece with three pockets for £5.99. here i am modelling it in my catalogue pose:
but what’s that logo on the pocket you ask ?
it says Friends Of Kensal Green Cemetery.
we’ll all be a friend of a cemetery eventually. i wish i was in their marketing department …


5 thoughts on “a cemetery jacket”

  1. So you’ve gone from buying clothes from charity shops (the clothes of the dead) to buying clothes from graveyards.
    Keep us informed if you go to any of their events. Shame I missed PRESERVATION OF THE DEAD – such a useful topic.

  2. i notice from the photo that it has reduced my visible leg length making me look considerably shorter than normal.
    in fact it makes me look like i’m walking around with my feet under ground. perhaps the jacket is slowly pulling me in to the ground to my final resting place.
    if you see a head coming down the street tomorrow morning, that’ll be me in my fancy new jacket

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