i love 6music. i listen to it lots. i am on their announcement mailing list. so are hundreds or thousands of others.
they must have changed their email address settings because this afternoon i’ve received about 20 out of office replies from other people on the list and they are still coming in fast and furious.
i’m very tempted to send an email to the mailing list (which is now an exploding mailing list) and spam them all about the blog ! Or maybe I could sell the list name to a notorious spammer for a pile of modern money.
(After announcing the URL at my presentation yesterday I did spot a jump in viewing figures to the site – and 6 people downloaded the presentation [but one of those could have been me]).
it’s fascinating the different types of out of office messages people have
here are a few extracts:

* I am out of the office until Tuesday 7th October, and I will not be checking my email during this time. For urgent queries regarding live studies contact [email address]
* Sorry, [company name] is about to close for good. If you really need to contact us, use the link below. It’s been a good time, but things move on. I’m busy in Bradford for a couple more years, then who knows! …
* If you have any urgent Payroll queries please speak to [name]
* If you have any queries on the telephone system please ring [name] in Reception or any building maintenance request contact [name and extension]. Thank you. Wishing you well.
* Please contact [name] on [telephone number] with anything urgent.
* For anything super urgent, please try my mobile
* I’m away until 29th September 2003 cheers
What a nice collection.