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Presentation #1

you may remember i spent all tuesday writing presentations ? Well i got to present one of them this afternoon.
i think it went well. there were a few smiles and people seemed to enjoy it. i’d turned down the lights so low that i couldn’t really see people’s faces so couldn’t tell if anyone had fallen asleep (i used light switch setting number 4 if you are noting these things down)
DSC08144.jpg DSC08145.jpg
the picture on the left shows the auditoreum.
the picture on the right shows some of the best technical brains in Britain trying to reboot a computer and get the projector working. it broke down when a poor chap was just starting his presentation. Hoorah for technical problems.
I’ve on more presentation on a different subject for me tomorrow and then i can relax for the weekend !
What’s that ? you’d like to see the presentation ? well, you’d best go to their website and look there then


2 thoughts on “Presentation #1”

  1. I’m at work now, so you’d be hard-pressed to get me to watch a presentation, no matter how great I imagine it was.
    On a side note, was perusing some of the photos you’d found and remembered once finding a camera in the street. I had the pictures developed (this was outside some pubs near a college campus), and it was apparently a post-graduation party for one of the people in the pictures. Never found the owner of the camera, so I gave it to a friend.

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