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big eye


i went for a walk yesterday afternoon with Richard drummer and Big Eye Tony. our walk took us by some bird hides so we decided to become bird experts.
tony big eye is already a bird expert it seems, but Richard was less so, and, as you are already aware, i’m generally clueless on matters of nature.
here is tony with his fancy binoculars (bins/binos/’oculas)
if you want to know what birds we saw then there’s a list below:

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big eye learns to drum

i played bass yesterday morning for the first time in about 2 months and i think we rocked a little as we also had richard drummer and jane on her strat.
anyway, big eye tony used to complain about the drums being too loud, but he’s in a different place now. specifically that place is behind the drums having a sneaky go after the service !
during the talk about vicar suggested that the word ‘praise’ in the Bible is a bit like the modern equivalent of ‘advertise’. i thought that was very interesting and it’s made me think. Both about God and advertising !

big eye tony
here’s big eye tony, taken with my new 50mm f/1.8 lens which i am loving (ideal for the dark british winter).

big eye gets the bit between his teeth

i saw big eye mending a tap today with a drill.

i told him they mend taps in america simply by pushing them hard. (no need to insert punchline here)

with the bit between his teeth he managed to pull this strange face

tony’s toe and knee

we visited friends on sunday and our friend (and regular blog appearer) big-eye-tony said to jane “what are you thinking about jane” and she said “toe-knee”.
no-one would have known jane was thinking this unless they’d asked. what else does she carry in her mind ?
anyway, so tony took a photo of toe-knee with his new camera

and i took a photo of his photo

big eye’s hospitality

jane and i went to big eye’s for tea last night. “we had a most excellent time. if ever he invites you round i’d recommend you go.”
Mr Big Eye should print this quote out and put it in big letters on a bill board on the front of his house like they do on West End theatres.
he should also display the ‘approved by funkypancake’ crest on his home made products. such as these potatoes:

word 4 – thankful

big eye is always thankful whenever he appears on the funkypancake blog.
i’m always thankful he’s happy with the pictures i post !
here he is looking very smart:
DSC05505.jpg DSC05507.jpg

big eye tony through the church window

we had a practice with our young people’s band in church today for the christmas services. when we arranged it we didn’t realise this morning was also a day for people to do gardening in the church yard.
so whilst we practiced and made loud noises, various friends would pop their heads up at the window and stare in.
here is one such person. our old friend ‘big eye tony’. he looks like he’s about to sneeze on this picture. perhaps this was his special window-cleaning technique ?
DSC05263.jpg DSC05264.jpg

big eye and sally

here are two people we’ve seen before. it’s our old friend Big Eye and the lovely Sally.
DSC03457.jpg DSC03477.jpg

big eye’s big hair

our old (he’s 50) friend Big Eye came round this evening and stood under our tree.
i think it worked well as an environmentally friendly hair piece (peace?).
what’s the most bizarre thing you’ve ever worn on your head in public ? i’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.

mr big (eye)

it’s becoming traditional to have someone at church looking like they are smoking but not. last time it was kezia and today it was Big Eye Tony. He’s using a cheesy bread stick thing as a cigar to comical effect.
Interestingly he’s holding a pad of paper which has the words Big written. It may have said Big Eye. i’m not sure.

big eye and pizza

after my lunchtime square dinner, it seemed appropriate to have a round tea. so pizza it was. with big eye tony.

big eye and the big pie

i went out for pizza with Big Eye Tony last night. i opted for the chocolate cake for dessert. i was offered cream or icecream and cheekily asked for both, expecting to get a little of each.
the waitress looked at me like i was insane and worriedly hurried back to the kitchen. this was obviously one scenario she had not been covered by her training.
when it arrived, instead of two half-portions they piled extra portions of both on to the plate. hoorah !