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big eye

pizza with big eye tony


i went out for a marvellous pizza with mr big eye tony last night.  jolly good it was too.


after church brunch

we had a church bbq brunch after church yesterday. very welcome and nice and tasty. he’s big eye tony with bbq cleaners in the background.

big eye tony

big eye invited us round for lunch last sunday and it was very marvellous. here he is grinding something for the rice pudding.
and here he is advertising beans sonically.

big eye’s big impressions

here is sally talking to big eye tony. but what’s he said to have this reaction ?
feel free to suggest what mr big eye said to elicit this response

big eye’s big job 2

here’s the latest on tony’s loo. he’s now replumbed the basin and the bath so it drops water on people coming through the front door.
an english’s man house is castle, so it makes sense to revive some of the ancient traditions i suppose.

big eye’s big job

big eye is doing a big job in his bathroom and wanted to share it with us, which is nice. he’s going to keep us informed so we can offer help and advice as he goes. it’s going to be an opportunity for some really bad puns which will no doubt drive us round the bend. eventually i’m sure he’ll be flushed with success

big eye’s fancy car

our friend big eye (him who has his own category), sent me these pictures. i think it’s a do it yourself people carrier, and he’s demonstrating an ideal way of carrying extra passengers.
big%20eye%20pics%20008-1.jpg big%20eye%20pics%20007-2.jpg

pizza with Big Eye

last night was time for a last minutely arranged pizza with mr big eye tony

outside amenities

our friend big eye likes to watch telly outside. which is a nice plan. assuming it’s not raining.

what people do after a lovely sunday lunch

big eye invited us over for sunday lunch yesterday, and plenty of others as well.
here is Big Eye with a Big Pie (built by carolyn)
carolyn chats with dave and richard
esther and kezia get on with some drawing
and finally, big eye wanders off knowing that Em, Piers and Jane are doing the washing up