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big eye

who is big-eye tony ?

it’s sunday so it’s church so i see big eye tony so i take another photo of him. from this angle he looks like a roald dahl character. in actual fact he’s a jolly nice chap and a very good friend.

pizza with Big Eye

i went to Pizza Hut with ‘Big Eye’ this evening. was very good. as a non dairy and wheat eater it was good to stuff cheesey pizza down my gullet. it tasted mighty fine.
we didn’t dessert, so instead took a photo of the ice-cream machine. it’s actually an ice-cream dispenser and not a machine as such. you’re not meant to take these things literally of course, so i let it pass.
please note: this is second picture of me on the blog in one day, both sporting my new cemetry fleece. i can only apologise and will cut back on the me-photos.
(i’ve noticed no one has commented on the blog since i included a picture of myself) !

big eye

here is Tony and his BIG EYE