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Monthly Archives: November 2007

after a year and a quarter of car commuting i think i consider it my main method of transport which is a real shame as i’m a dedicated walker.  according to my statistics i walk on average 63km / week. 

last week was a particularly car intensive week and i only walked 24km which is the lowest since i started recording my walking distances every day on the 2nd February 2004.  Since then i’ve walked 15,460,260km.

anyway, i don’t like filling my car up with petrol as it’s a waste of time.  my car has one of those displays that tells you how far you’ve got left petrol-wise.  mine said i had 50 miles to go on monday morning and seeing as my commute was less than 30 miles, and there was a petrol station near my office, i thought i’d be ok.  but i hadn’t allowed for the fact that the display may lie.

so as i drove my 30 miles, the distance to empty meter dropped quicker and quicker, and when i got to the petrol station i only had 6 miles to go.  i then spent over 50 of our earth pounds filling it back up again.


how exciting was that story ?  funkypancake is getting more like a regular blog, and for that i can only apologise.

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