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November 2007

dangly man


one minute this man was walking along with some young people.  the next he ran off to the side and dangled from this tree.  people can’t help themselves can they.


shorely not

shorley sent me this classic no loo-ing sign from amsterdam.  excellent stuff.


funky builder

brother edd sent me this.  very funky.  i think he’s chopped his feet off though.




priceless shoes

this shop sells price less shoes which is bound to cause some customer confusion.  i assume the shoes aren’t free, just not marked up properly.  “how much are these” would be a common cry.


nearly empty

after a year and a quarter of car commuting i think i consider it my main method of transport which is a real shame as i’m a dedicated walker.  according to my statistics i walk on average 63km / week. 

last week was a particularly car intensive week and i only walked 24km which is the lowest since i started recording my walking distances every day on the 2nd February 2004.  Since then i’ve walked 15,460,260km.

anyway, i don’t like filling my car up with petrol as it’s a waste of time.  my car has one of those displays that tells you how far you’ve got left petrol-wise.  mine said i had 50 miles to go on monday morning and seeing as my commute was less than 30 miles, and there was a petrol station near my office, i thought i’d be ok.  but i hadn’t allowed for the fact that the display may lie.

so as i drove my 30 miles, the distance to empty meter dropped quicker and quicker, and when i got to the petrol station i only had 6 miles to go.  i then spent over 50 of our earth pounds filling it back up again.


how exciting was that story ?  funkypancake is getting more like a regular blog, and for that i can only apologise.

vanishing lake


it was a bit there when i saw it.  it’s at Loughareerma and has a reason for its strange appearance and disappearance. see here for details.


the umbrellas of belfast


there were a lot of umbrellas abandoned in belfast, so there were.

071108_850_img_5682.jpg 071108_850_img_5685.jpg

the irish people i met were proud of their drizzly windy weather so i assume these brollies were abandoned with glee

071108_850_img_5672.jpg 071108_850_img_5674.jpg 
071108_350d_img_7172.jpg 071108_350d_img_7181.jpg

guess the landmark


i think this is probably quite easy, but can you guess the london landmark ?


strange beer head

i thought i must have drunk too much when i started seeing the top of my beer turning in to a blobby cloud.  so i took a picture to check later, and it really did look like this.


ben plays rummikub

we’ve played a lot of rummikub this year.  it really is a classic game for all the family.  top xmas present tip for you perhaps ?


here’s ben from church and two pointy fingers.