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Monthly Archives: November 2007

i was trying to think of a pun around the word ‘motion’.  something like ‘this isn’t much good if you suffer from motion sickness’.  dunno.  can you do better ?


by the way, it should now be easier to leave comments, although you might have to re-register.  have a go and let me know how you get on.


i’ve now totally forgotten where this place was !  somewhere in dorset i think


listen to the view.  good advice


this wasn’t the highest bit of waterfall.


again, good advice here


i wonder whether this was a little ageist


here are the girls at the top of the waterfall thing (which was built as a follow)


it kind of plopped off the end of this little slide


and of course the girls wanted to see how it worked.


i really like this shot.  i had to kneel in the road to get it whilst cars were whizzing by.  it’s a bike horn on tottenham court road.  that’s goodge street tub station in the background behind the taxi.  took a few shots to get this one right.

i’m so used to writting up the details for my Open University course i nearly went in to a spiel about choice of ISO and shutter speed.  see how much boredom i’ve saved you !

i usually draw the line at going through rubbish, but this pile of spilt bin liner contained so many goodies !  here is a photo (i picked it up but it was smeared with something very unpleasant so i put it down again then worried i’d caught a horrible disease!)


and here’s the rest of the junk.  in there is an MP3 casing and a cigarette lighter.

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