July 2005

diana memorial garden

you might have heard about the diana memorial garden ? it’s been a bit of a classic – originally a nice idea but went all a bit wrong when people slipped in the water channel. oh well

it’s actually looking very nice now

and see how many categories i can put it in: no dogs, no cycles, people, royalty and slippery floor

cockatil spotted

spotting animals is so rare in London that it’s always worth telling others about it.
but what if you haven’t got a blog ? write it on a piece of paper and stick it in the street.

crazy red moon

i don’t usually post at this time of night, but i thought i’d share this photo of the moon i just took with my Sony compact camera out of the window. no editing, just a massive crop.
i’m quite pleased with it. now if only i had a telephoto lense for my Canon and knew how to drive it properly …


click for a big to appreciate this one

update: hope all get home ok despite the latest inconveniences !

blues news

Robin, a colleague, sent me this advert for top magazine Navy News. He pointed out how excited everyone was to be reading it (but not excited enough to buy their own copies i note).
but i ask you, how much news about the colour blue can you fit in to one magazine. not many by the looks of it. it’s just one piece of paper folder in half.

moving country

Popular daytime TV program This Morning is filmed on the South Bank. I walked by as they were setting up for the weather forecast. it was obviously going to be quite elaborate involving an inflatable thing and a big map of britain

quite why you need an inflatable for the weather i don’t know

last week they had a tent up. what a shame i have to go to work rather than sit at home watching people on the telly. (of course i could have skipped my meeting and sat and watched it in real life, but i didn’t)

tony’s toe and knee

we visited friends on sunday and our friend (and regular blog appearer) big-eye-tony said to jane “what are you thinking about jane” and she said “toe-knee”.
no-one would have known jane was thinking this unless they’d asked. what else does she carry in her mind ?
anyway, so tony took a photo of toe-knee with his new camera

and i took a photo of his photo