July 2005

mending man

here’s kester mending cables

HBC 2005

no more work next week for me as it’s our Holiday Bible Club. We spent yesterday preparing and doing soundchecks (until we blew the electrics).
here’s how we left our stuff last evening – we’re in a tent so the bin liners are anti-rain coverings.

musical youth

i sorted out my ‘gig crate’ yesterday morning and got rid of all the broken wires and old biros hiding underneath my regular guitar cables and effects box.

kezia helped me with the tidying and to reward her i let her sing through my delay pedal. then esther joined her. here are the sonic results.
chuffa chuffa choo choo (as written by esther): download video clip (1Meg)
random strangeness: download video clip (half Meg)
Movies are in mpg format so hope that’s ok

ice cream with flake

i like the simplicity of this sign. ’99’ would have been even simpler, but probably more cryptic to those who don’t know.



office remains

look at all this stuff. holes from paper punches, odd staples and bent paperclips. it’s a street bound office clearout

working from home

i worked from home yesterday which is about a once a week thing for me (meetings permitting). here’s a picture of my desktops in case you were wondering.

mystery shadow

it’s another shadow game. what is it this time ?


slightly unrelated note: bit annoying about the return of the booming-backpackers yesterday (Warren Street is less than 5 minutes walk from my office). still, london’s london and we all just get on with life.
i know lots of you read from around the world. london itself hasn’t changed. so if you were thinking of visiting, do !
here’s a load of cameras

farringdon tube station

here is farringdon tube station which is a fancy shape and has nice old writing on it.
it’s good to know someone’s set up a shop selling quality drugs around it.

early morning bathers

i had a meeting down near Buckingham Palace at 10am yesterday so i caught my normal train which got in to Paddington at 7am (meaning i could do an hour’s work on the train and feel good about the day before it had even started)

i walked to St James’ park where i sat and did another two hours work, but on the way i saw people swimming in the Serpentine. It’s part of some swimming club apparently which is only open 6.30-9am